What is MERTC?

Across three days, MERTC connects professionals with both their peers and leading technology and service providers across a variety of event formats conducive for knowledge sharing and networking. Exclusive seminars, high level market keynotes, regional project updates, as well as the latest in process and technology advancements make MERTC the Middle East’s premier platform to gain cutting edge insights and showcase innovations.

Key Strategic themes

  • Defining the Competitive Refineries and Petrochemical Plants of the Future – A Focus on Integration and Circular Economy
  • Routes to Sustainability and Continued Competitiveness
  • An Integrated and Sustainable Downstream Industry – Technology Routes for The Future
  • Justifying the ROI of Digital Investment
  • Global Petrochemical Outlook and the Rise of China
  • Lessons and Opportunities from the Far East: How the Middle East Can Sustain its Competitive Position
  • Circular Economy – The Pathway to a Cleaner, More Profitable Future

Key Technical themes

  • Refinery-Petrochemical integration opportunities
  • Catalyst advances and catalyst management
  • New or advances in refining and petrochemical processes
  • Operational excellence and margin improvements
  • Refinery Configuration and conversion processes advances
  • Digital transformation and optimization technologies