Advisory Board Meeting Key Takeaways

To ensure MERTC brings real value to the region’s refiners and petrochemical industries and acts as a platform to support their opportunities and challenges, the World Refining Association hosted the 3rd MERTC Advisory Board Meeting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Manama in September 2018.

The objectives of the live Advisory Board Meeting were to:

  • Understand the principle issues, debates, challenges and opportunities that are going to be driving the Middle East’s downstream market in both the short and longer term
  • Ensure that the event serves a real purpose for the region’s downstream industries
  • To facilitate an intimate and closed door gathering for the region’s downstream leaders, promoting a community for year round interaction and exchange of ideas

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Want to learn more about MERTC? Why not download last year’s Post Event Report below?

MERTC 2018 Post Event Report