MERTC Call for Papers

You are now invited to submit a paper for MERTC, for acceptance by our esteemed Advisory board made up of the region’s more prominent downstream leaders.

Along with grading the final abstract submissions, the advisors have identified the below abstract topics, reflecting the region’s and their organisation’s current challenges and opportunities.

At the end of next month in Manama, the advisors are coming together for an exclusive live advisory board meeting, where they will preview the early abstract submissions as well as finalise January’s keynote plenary themes and presentations to which they will be contributing.

Acceptance criteria will be based on originality and technical innovation demonstrating novelty, vision, exclusivity and relevance. Please check the full acceptance criteria and guidelines here.

Abstracts should be submitted to by Thursday 15th September.

We are now accepting abstracts in the following areas:

  • Refinery-petrochemical integration optimisation opportunities
  • Catalyst advances
  • Bottom of the barrel upgrade and conversion processes advances – Slurry hydrocracking, resid hydrocracking, RFCC
  • Solid catalyst alkylation
  • Latest developments in aromatics and olefin technologies
  • Diesel vs. gasoline and changing gasoline markets
  • Middle distillates maximisation opportunities
  • Margin maximisation
  • “On-purpose” production technologies e.g. propylene production, butadiene, etc
  • New petrochemical process developments including aromatics, organic synthesis, oxidation, syngas and derivatives, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation and olefins, chemicals from biomass
  • Energy efficiency and emissions control technologies and process solutions
  • CO2 management progresses (CO2 to fuels or chemicals)
  • Energy recovery technologies
  • Waste water management and treatment
  • Technologies for diversifying product portfolios in a low oil price environment
  • Future technologies for changing feedstock landscape
  • Catalyst recycling technologies
  • Technologies to fuel sustainable development

Register your interest in submitting a paper by filling in the form below:

Early paper submissions are welcomed and will be previewed during the live advisory board meeting taking place on the 29th August in Manama.


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