Doug Kocher-Cowan

Sr. Business Leader
Honeywell UOP

Doug Kocher-Cowan is currently the Sr. Business Leader of the FCC, Alkylation, Treating and Heavy Oil technology group which is part of UOP’s PT&E refining business.  He is accountable for managing the licensing and equipment business sales support activities, new product growth platforms, product line prioritization and P&L. Two critical platforms in his area include Ionic Liquid Alkylation and UOP”s Uniflex™ process for slurry hydrocracking.  Since joining UOP in 1993 Doug has worked in pilot plant construction, hydrocracking catalyst development, Platforming catalyst development, process engineering, project management and technology sales roles.  Doug has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois-Chicago and holds 5 patents in the field of Hydroprocessing.

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