Dr. Anissa Bendjeriou Sedjerari

Research Scientist
KAUST Catalysis Center

Dr. Anissa Bendjeriou-Sedjerari, Research Scientist at KAUST CATALYSIS CENTER (KCC) was awarded a PhD in Materials Science from the Laboratory for Aggregate, Interface and Materials for Energy (AIME) at University of Science and Technology of Montpellier (France), followed by postdoc positions at CALTECH (Pasadena, USA) and Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon (ENS-Lyon, France).
With her academic and research experience in the field of Materials Science, she is strongly focused on the design of novel multifunctional oxide materials, their advanced solid state spectroscopic characterizations and applications in heterogeneous catalysis for Oil & Gas industry such as, but not limited to hydrocarbon conversion, CO2 conversion and N2 activation. Her rigorous approach in exploring emerging techniques and their applications in materials science molded her professional identity and made her grow towards multidisciplinary heterogeneous catalysis.
Throughout her scientific career, she always found important to maintain a good balance between fundamental and applied research beyond complementing each other, both are essential to her along with the educational component of research. Over the last years, she played key roles in several academic and industrial collaborations within KCC, KAUST and with international institutions including EPFL-Lausanne and UC-Davis, CALTECH… Her research achievements are partly reflected by many papers published in high impact factor journals, such as Journal of the American Chemical Society, Angewandte Chemie International Edition and Chemical Science (…).
Since 2015, she has been engaged as a representative of KAUST/KCC in the organization of industrial conferences, MEPEC (Middle East Process Engineering Conference and Exhibition) and the Middle East Fine & Specialty Chemicals (Me-SPEC). She is involved in organizing all women forums with Aramco and promote female scientists’ involvement in not just KAUST but also in the Middle-East (LEWAS, GROW…). The main objective has been to empower Women in Oil & Gas Industry, one of the main challenges of the Saudi Vision 2030 program.

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