Dr. Walter Tesch

Head of International Downstream Business
ILF Consulting Engineers

Walter Tesch has 18 years experiences in the petrochemical and oil&gas sector. He is head of international downstream business at ILF, based in Vienna, Austria. Mr. Tesch has been responsible as project manager and senior process engineer for several investment, debottlenecking as well as R&D projects for petrochemistry and refinery facilities worldwide.

Walter holds a M.Sc. in Inorganic Chemistry as well as a M.Sc. in Renewable Energy from the Vienna University of Technology and  a Ph.D. in Material Science from the Montanuniversität of Leoben. Given his background, one of Walter’s main areas of interest has become the production of “sustainable, value creating hydrocarbons”, scouting new, innovative solutions and integrating them into proven concepts. Finding ways to bring the precious hydrocarbon resources into a sustainable value chain loop for further generations is one of his strongest inner drive.

As demonstrated by the company founders from the very start, ILF has always placed great importance on innovative solutions. Walter understands and promotes innovation both in connection with ILF’s technical solutions, materials, and work steps as well as in ILF’s own work processes and tools.

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