Mahmood A Rahim

Manager Oil Processing Department North

Mahmood is currently the Oil Processing department manager, covering the hydrocracking unit, hydrogen plant, crude and vacuum unit, catalytic reforming, treating units (amine, sulphur recovery and amine units), a role he has been in since 2012.

Previously he was a superintendent fluid catalytic cracking complex in the operations department.  From 1987 to 2011 Mahmood worked as process engineer in the Technical Services Department covering many refinery process units including crude and vacuum units, fluid catalytic cracking, platforming, hydrotreating units and treating units.
Mahmood obtained MSc degree in chemical engineering from the university of Manchester, UK.

Mahmood A Rahim will be speaking at:

Stream A: FCC and Alkylation Advances

2017/01/23 13:55 - 00:00

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