Roelof Heezen

Executive Vice President

I started working at the Shell laboratories in Amsterdam after graduating in Chemical Engineering. Focus of work in 1990-ties was on hydroprocessing with assignment in residue hydroprocessing (Pernis), on the Jubail hydrocracker and servicing US hydroprocessing units while based in Houston.

Thereafter I worked as Process Engineering Manager at the Shell Deer Park refinery. Returning to the Netherlands in 2003 to join the consultancy arm of Shell focused on business improvement and short and long term hydrocarbon management improvements for refineries.

In 2007 moving back to hydroprocessing as global manager with end-to-end responsibility for the field.  Was appointed in as Vice President R&D of Downstream Technology in 2009 in Shell. In 2014 I returned to SASREF as EVP, with responsibilities for Operations, Maintenance, Technology.

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