Yusuf Alawi

Engineering Student
Bahrain Polytechnic

Yusuf Alawi is an ongoing 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student achieving a high GPA at Bahrain Polytechnic, where his particular interests include CAD/CAM and alternative energy projects.

During his studies, he has been nominated to be a PASS Principal at Bahrain Polytechnic under the Library Learning Centre, where he provides academic support, aid, and guidance to all of the Engineering students who require such in various courses. He has also represented his School in international conferences and he has been a member of the organizing committees of reputable academic events such as the STEM challenge and the Space Technology for Bahrain Symposium.

He is currently continuing his studies at Bahrain Polytechnic with a view towards graduating with an Honours BS Degree in June of 2020, while still developing, gaining knowledge and experience by being involved in CAM and renewable energy projects.

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