Aggreko has been in the Middle East market for over 25 years and has operational facilities in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Turkey. Having a local presence and a fleet of temporary power generators and temperature control products within the operating country allows us to deliver solutions quickly and cost effectively to our customers. In case of large projects, we can quickly mobilize resources from our Middle East network thereby fulfilling the customer’s needs.

For producers in the refining and petrochemicals industry – process optimisation is an ongoing challenge when trying to meet defined specifications for production and deliver quality product on time. Just one part of the cooling process in a refinery not meeting its required temperature can result in decreased production and can be catastrophic for the manufacturer’s bottom line. 

Refineries worldwide are benefitting from the cost savings and operational efficiencies that temporary cooling solutions provide. Aggreko temporary cooling solutions can be applied to restore vital process cooling needs and maintain productivity from both an economical and operational standpoint.